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Best Typek Paper Suppliers in South Africa

Best Typek Paper Suppliers in South Africa

If you’ve been in a South African school or office, you almost certainly seen those distinctive boxes of Typek paper.

Produced by South African paper giant Sappi, Typek is a bright, smooth multiuse paper that’s perfect for home, office and school printing and copying purposes.

Along with Mondi Rotatrim bond paper, Typek is probably South Africa’s best known and most trusted multiuse paper.

What is Typek paper for?

As the name ‘multiuse’ implies, Typek paper is suitable for a range of purposes. From inkjet and laser printing to photocopying and more.

But that doesn’t mean Typek is just another generic paper. It’s brightness and smoothness means you’ll get consistently good quality prints and photocopies, in a variety of formats.

Moreover, good runnability means you don’t have to worry about paper jams. 

The paper is also suitable for double-sided printing, which is more economical and practical.  

As Typek paper is acid free, so you can be assured your prints won’t degrade over time.

This versatility and quality explains why Typek paper is such a popular choice in South African offices. 

What formats does Typek come in?

You may be most familiar with A4 Typek paper. It’s probably the most common printing format in offices and schools.

Typek printing paper also comes in A3 format, for larger prints.

Typek can also be purchased in an A7 mini note size.

Finding a Typek supplier near you

As South Africa’s largest paper merchant, Peters Papers harnesses our massive delivery network to ensure your local retailer stocks Typek paper and other leading brands.

If you’re in doubt as to where to find the paper you need for your next printing or copying project, simply contact Peters Papers and we’ll help supply you with the paper you need.

Our friendly sales team will also help you find speciality papers for any project, large or small.

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