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Top Paper Packaging Suppliers in South Africa

Top Paper Packaging Suppliers in South Africa

If you’re looking to develop a product that is packed in paper, you’ll need the right paper for the job. Of course, there are specialised packaging papers, but not every paper will be suitable for every type of packaging. Let’s take a closer look at why you can’t compromise when choosing the appropriate paper, and how a good supplier can help you make the right choice.

Peters Papers knows a thing or two about paper. As South Africa’s largest paper distributor, we deal in every type of paper, from general printing paper to highly specialised papers for niche industries.

Over the years, we’ve supplied paper for any number of packaging applications, from medication packaging to boxes for electronic goods.

And each case presents a new set of challenges. After all, most people want a paper that’s sturdy and attractive. But there’s a lot more to consider.

For example, suppose you need a paper designed for food packaging. What kind of stiffness will you require? How will that affect storage? Must it be suitable for freezing? What are the hygiene requirements relating to the particular food item? Must the paper be water resistant? Is the paper approved for direct food contact?

Once the technicalities and legal requirements of food packaging have been considered, it’s time to think about marketing and appearance.

Do you want a glossy paper? Does the paper provide good contrast for printing? Is the packaging material sourced from sustainable forests?

Good packaging depends on form and function

Ultimately, the point is that really successful packaging is about function (how well the paper protects and stores the packaged item) and form (how attractive the final packaged product looks to consumers).

Understanding the interplay of form and function takes expert knowledge and years of experience, which is why it’s helpful to consult with an experienced paper merchant.

A good paper supplier should also guide you through the relevant South African standards and legal requirements when it comes to packaging for food, medication or other sensitive items.

Ultimately, the goal of any paper packaging is to develop a hygienic, attractive, strong, secure and sustainable final product.

To learn more about what makes paper packaging such a versatile option, contact Peters Papers to chat about our incomparable range of South African and imported paper. Our experts will help you find the perfect paper for your next project, no matter how large or small.

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