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About us.

The Paper Trail.

From humble beginnings to industry leader

Ronnie Peters founded Peters Papers in 1963 to source and import paper products directly from mills around the globe. As customer demand grew, Peters Papers expanded to meet that demand.

In the ensuing decades, we developed an unparalleled distribution and delivery network, criss-crossing the nation. With warehouses across South Africa, and a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles, Peters Papers delivers more paper products, more efficiently, than any merchant in the country.

From the trusty A4 paper used in home and office printing to the raw materials and specialised paper products required by industry for printing and packaging, South African business depends on Peters Papers for fast and reliable delivery of the finest paper products.

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Over half a century, we have built the warehousing and delivery infrastructure that underlies our success as the nation’s largest paper merchant.

With our head office in Johannesburg and sales branches in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, our focus is truly countrywide. Our national distribution network comprises over 42 000 square meters of warehouse space and 80 delivery vehicles, distributing upwards of 120 000 tons of paper and board annually to more than 10 000 customers.

Our commitment extends beyond the country’s border. Our full-owned subsidiary services the Namibian market and we proudly supply paper products to customers throughout Africa.



What we Offer.

Peters Papers provides an extensive range of premium products and services to customers throughout Africa.

Through our network of relationships with mills around the world, we are able to source specialised products on behalf of customers. In our capacity as merchants, we provide the option of importing on behalf of customers, planning lead times and managing shipping and customs and excise.

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Our warehousing and distribution infrastructure is a key part of our success. Through our close partnerships with mills in South Africa and around the world, we are able to source the finest paper products to suit every application.

Our warehousing capacity enables us to stock and supply an unrivalled range of products, including specialised items. Our national network and fleet of delivery vehicles allows us to offer same day delivery throughout South Africa.

  • Countrywide
  • large
  • Extensive
    storage capacity
  • Industry-leading
    turnaround times
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As a major supplier of printing materials, from plates to blankets to inks and more, we offer the products you need for any print job – and expert advice to ensure you get the right materials, every time.

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Product Range.

Major product ranges sourced from prominent local and international paper mills include:

Committed to sustainability

Sustainably grown paper is versatile, durable and good for the planet. Peters Papers only partners with environmentally accredited mills, and we have ensured that all of our products are recyclable. The materials used in our paper come from sustainable products. As South Africa’s largest paper merchant, our aim is not to just set the standard for excellence in paper products, it’s also to lead the way for sustainable, ethical and environmentally respectful practices.

Safeguarding our planet

Paper is recyclable and biodegradable, making it the more environmentally sensitive choice.

But it’s not just about the end product. Sustainable and responsible forestry is just as important. That’s why we offer certified sustainably produced paper products – ensuring we protect the future of our forests without compromising on quality.


Service without intermediaries

We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials that communicate clearly, achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.

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