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Best A4 paper suppliers in South Africa

Best A4 paper suppliers in South Africa

A4 paper is one of the basic staples of any business.

Just about all everyday printing and copying applications at a large corporate, home office or school depend on a regular supply of A4 paper.

But not all A4 is created equal. Of course, a dependable A4 paper supplier should be able to  provide you with  reliable, high quality multipurpose paper … but what does that mean in practise?

Let’s look at the attributes of good printing paper and consider why they are important. These include:

  • Runnability
  • Whiteness
  • Opacity
  • Sustainability


Basically, will the A4 paper jam in your printer or copier. Good runnability is an important feature in any office setting. After all, you don’t want employees wasting hours each day fixing paper jams.


Why does it matter how white a sheet of A4 paper is? Well, consider what most A4 paper is used for. A paper white higher whiteness will provide good contrast to printer ink, improving the legibility of prints and copies.


Thinner, more transparent A4 paper may be suitable for some copy applications, but for consistent print quality – especially for double-sided printing – higher opacity is very important.


Fortunately, it’s now possible to choose sustainable A4 paper without compromising on print quality.

South Africa’s best South African and imported A4 papers are made with sustainably grown materials.

Finding a paper supplier you can rely on

Choosing the right A4 paper should be fairly straightforward, if you keep the above criteria in mind.

Choosing a high-quality brand – such as Mondi Rotatrim or Typek, both manufactured in South Africa – is the best way to ensure your paper is ideal suited to printing, writing and copying.

However, while any premium A4 paper will give you decent results, it’s a good idea to chat to a sales consultant and discuss your exact requirements.

What printer or copier are you using? In what quantity will you be printing? Will you be making black and white or colour prints? These factors will ultimately determine which paper will give you optimal results.

As South Africa’s largest paper distributor, Peters Papers are the paper experts. Browse our premium range premium A4 paper or contact Peters Papers so we can find the perfect paper for your next project.

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