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Enshield Natural Kraft

Enshield Natural Kraft


Product Details

Uncoated unbleached natural Kraft, with a unique grease and moisture resistant KIT 12 barrier treatment on one side. WestRock EnShield® Natural Kraft paperboard serves up your food in a way that appeals to consumers. It resists grease and oil stains by providing the same protection as poly-coating—but much more sustainably. Plus, our proprietary research shows that today’s eco-conscious consumers prefer packaging with an all-brown, natural look. So, start winning them over with EnShield Natural Kraft. Contains up to 15% recycled fibres. Specially treated print surface to reduce fibre pull and enhance a smoother print result. Eco friendly, sustainable, recyclable. The Brown way to go Green. Engineered to keep grease out and keep moisture in. High moisture barrier critical for bakery items with a longer shelf life. Eliminates the need for poly or press applied coatings for most applications.

SKU: E15