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Gsk Tracing Paper

Gsk Tracing Paper


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Uncoated Extra White wood free. The leading printable translucent paper. Produced with extensive fibre refining to give its natural translucency. 100gsm, other substances and colours on application. Due to the nature of the product it is particularly sensitive to Hygrometric variations-Avoid excessive moisture and temperature. ECF,Acid Free,LongLife ISO 9706, Heavy metal free. The surface has no porosity, plastic inks that dry by oxidation should be used.The adhesion of the ink, once dry, is very good. Work with small stacks and sharp blades. Fountain solution dosed at minimum levels,we recommend a buffered pH of
5÷5,5 with 800÷1200 μS conductivity. Use of spray powder is recommended. Fold parallel to grain. Hotmelt and non aqueous cold glue. Eco friendly, sustainable, recyclable

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